The MatrixUser is a software package which features functions designed and optimized specifically for manipulating multidimensional real or complex data matrix. MatrixUser provides a nice graphical environment for easily performing image analysis tasks including multidimensional image display, matrix (image stack) processing and rendering etc. MatrixUser is a great lightweight tool for users who are working in image processing field under Matlab.

More specifically, MatrixUser features:

  • Multidimensional data import and conversion
  • Multidimensional matrix display
  • Image overlay
  • Matrix manipulation
  • Region-of-Interest and Segmentation analysis
  • Volume rendering
  • Image representation
  • More...

MatrixUser is released as a free software. This means that you are free to use and modify this software as your needs, as long as you acknowledge the original author in any future work. If you find MatrixUser useful for the publication of any scientific results, including a line in your acknowledgements section referencing to MatrixUser is requested.

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