Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is able to generate 3-D images with arbitrary orientation of the image planes and with image contrast based on a broad variety of image operational parameters. The fact that different soft tissues exhibit MR signal behavior differently enables this image technique to provide excellent soft tissue contrast, superior than other image modalities. Unlike image techniques that apply radiation exposure, MRI uses the radio frequency signal released from hydrogen protons within tissues, thus is considered to be radiation safe. Read More »


Numerical Simulation

Numerical simulation is a calculation that is run on a computer following a program that implements a mathematical model for a physical system. Numerical simulations are required to study the behavior of systems whose mathematical models are too complex to provide analytical solutions, as in most nonlinear systems. Numerical simulation is an important step in development of new imaging techniques and in validation of efficiency and effectiveness of existing techniques. Numerical simulation is a suitable method in medical imaging field as the image system is typically complex and nonlinear. Read More »