Muscle Fiber Tractography

By | September 8, 2016

Diffusion weighted MRI is a useful and powerful tool to investigate structure and functions of muscle fiber. Here below is an example to demonstrate the diffusion property map (Fractional Anisotropy FA and Mean Diffusivity MD) and the whole muscle volume fiber tractography (often refered to as Diffusion Tensor Tractography DTI) obtained from upper thigh of a 29 years old healthy subject at 3T GE scanner.

Here is also an excellent website introducing basic concepts and analysis methods for diffusion weighted imaging and DTI (in brain).


Diffusion-weighted MR images (spin-echo echo-planar imaging) and images of diffusion tensor properties of an axial section through the leg and its calculated muscle volume fiber tractography of one 29 years old healthy subject. a, Non-weighted image (b = 0 sec/mm2). b, Fractional anisotropy map. c, Mean diffusivity (10-3 mm2/sec) map. d, muscle volume fiber tractography.

  • Zhaoye Zhou

    The image of the fiber is amazing. Looking forward to a pathological example.

  • Fang Liu

    We are currently performing large scale clinical application by using this technique. Stay tuned. 🙂